Cycle of Novels «UKRAINIAN STEEL»

Author Mila Marinenko
Author Mila Marinenko

«Two of the greatest inventions in history are typography, that made us sit and read books, and TV that distanced us from them». — Georges Elgozy

By some inscrutable decree of fate, the theme of production, any production, is mostly still dangling behind the attention of writers of the world. The fiction of all epochs pleases any taste, it shows us absolutely everything: love and betrayal, banal everyday life and unimaginable fantasies, politics and economics, sea cruises and space exploration, war and peace, flora and fauna, cultures and religions... This list is endless. No, no, production is not totally ignored therein, from time to time it flashes out in literature here and there, serving as scenery for characters’ deeds. And let’s not mark fairy tales as “production stories”, such as, for instance, «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory» by British author Dahl Roald, narrating about teenagers’ adventures at the magic confectionary-producing factory, which belongs to some mentally sick hermit Willy Wonka, for they have nothing in common with the realistic foundation of industrial affairs. In such a way, we do see a rather low light on de-facto production topics, lack of details and avoidance of specific problems that seem to be regarded as something uninteresting, boring or self-evident. Even if we search «production theme in fiction» in Internet, usually talkative, wordy Uncle Google will get confused and keep silence in response. Read more...

Ukrainian Steel and Saint from Mariupol Ukrainian Steel and Production Addict Collection of Essays «Eye-to-Eye with Roots of Mind»

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